• "As I heard your song I was amazed by the melody, it is so good ! I must say you love what you are doing ! I believe you invest a lot of time into your songs ! Your song is truly amazing, keep up the good work !"

    "This is very well produced and you’ve definitely got much talent and potential"

    "Your sound quality is really good"

    "Cool song ! Like the production ! Nice vibes !"

    "My compliments for the great quality"

    "Florian Brunner proposes in his new music a calm with sounds of nature mixing with elements of the electronic, creating an ordered chaos of sounds and beats"

    "That's a great track for an art expo, it's soothing, dreamy and so peaceful. Even though it has 9 minutes, it's impossible not to listen at least twice. The whole work in the video is also astonishing, great piece of work"

    "It's lush, dreamy, atmospheric, and spacious"

    "The song is so good. It has a very good sound, and the mix and mastering are very well balanced"

    "A magical musicality, mixing energy and more relaxed moments, melodic moments and atmospheric passages"

    "A nine-minute journey where electronics meets a myriad of atmospheric sounds obtained with synths and sampled sounds that create an intense track"

    "Innovative electronic piece, I think this would work well as a soundtrack"

    "Bravo pour le clip, il est canon !"

    "Very interesting and energetic synths and textures going on throughout the track !"

    "It’s a great song in some specific scenarios like a video-game soundtrack, where the main charactors are having some sort of futuristic adventure or something"

    "It is a perfect example of chill, experimental track. I think this could be a perfect soundtrack for a movie. It’s intelligent, complex and there is a lot of tension in the powerful parts. I can feel all the energy and the vital impulse from the track, it is a sort of life being manifesto, and it sounds natural, with an interesting texture of sounds and colors. I love it, it is a very good work."

    "Superbes chanson et visuel !"

  • A unique Signature Sound


    Protecting the planet and its future calls on our creativity. We can express our ideas through publications and texts, but we can also use art and abstraction to convey citizen messages. This is the goal of this new title "Follow My Roar": to bring ideas for the defense of the environment, to build a better world, to use art to engage. Artistic creation mobilizes a broad spectrum, in order to convey original reflection and thought.


    Rather than summarizing engagement, at institutions or public events, we can initiate social and human transformations, through the design and dissemination of works, at a time when all citizens can seize a multitude of means of creation. We need a creative and committed planet that is not compartmentalized in archaic and outdated structures.


    Florian Brunner


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    "The single is harmonious with a musicality filled with energy, life and giving pride of place to natural sounds, making the whole immersive. The ambient theme of Ecology is respected and is really the result of a very ingrained commitment, which is felt by listening."


    Aymeric LICHTENAUER, "Follow My Roar": a single and a music video for the Planet !