• Florian Brunner is a composer of electronic music, which explores the sounds and melodies. He has composed two albums "Grande Luna" and "Origins". Florian Brunner continues to create and compose music, to design an original work and share his world.


    Florian Brunner is an innovator, who think that creativity is a force, allowing to revolutionize especially Art, Strategy and Political Science. Designer of a renewal of French and European policy, it has defined a new thought, based on a change in the institutions, the link between elected representatives and citizens and citizen organizations. He defends in France and Europe, the need for a political movement rooted in civil society, pro-European and innovative. This concept was an important success during the presidential and legislative elections of 2017, in France.


    President of the Think Tank "Europe and Democracy", Florian Brunner leads work on European issues, to the analysis of international issues and global governance. His main area of focus is the study and prediction in the field of European and international affairs through a multidisciplinary approach that combines local, national and global levels. Florian Brunner aims to analyse, inform and put into perspective the major international events as well as make specific recommendations for designing a project of European and universal development.